Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventures in NYC-day 5- Brooklyn Heights, Sunset Park, Carroll Gardens

Unlike my photo journalism friends, I wanted to steer clear of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 things happening in the city, so I scheduled shoots in the outskirts of Brooklyn.  I took the train out there and then my friend Karin picked me up and leant me her car for the day.  We also stopped by the awesome vintage pop up shop she runs on the weekend in Red Hook. My first shoot of the day was expat Mainer, Rachel and her fiance Sean.  The both work for the ACLU and are hoping to move back to Maine soon.  Rachel wrote a very beautiful story for the pwyc sale and also made me a killer cup of coffee.

Then off to Hampshire friend (and 1st year J3 hall mate!), Andrew's place in Sunset Park. Another Brooklyn neighborhood that was new to me.  He has a small studio in his apartment so I got to see some drawings/sculpture/installations and a few cell phone photo books that he is working on.  Although we saw each other in Los Angeles last fall, it was nice to just sit around and talk about art and life.

Then off to photograph high school friend Andy who hadn't seen in at least 15 years,  and to meet his wife, Robin and kids Henry & Charlie in Carroll Gardens.   Andy is a writer  and Robin is an interior designer.   They all had just woken up from a difficult nap session, so it was extra awesome they rallied for a picture.   And Henry really wanted to show me how he destroyed his room pre-nap.

My last shoot of the day was canceled so I joined Barry at his killer bar, the Red Hook Bait and Tackle.  Karin met us and then we all went a party at their friend Norbert's studio which was filled with welding machines and fantastic lights.  He also had a really nice 9/11 memorial, incense shaped like the towers.

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