Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventures in NYC-day 4-Williamsburg, NoLita, LES

Saturday morning started off to alerts from many friends that the L train wasn't running in either direction, making my easy hop skip and a jump to Brooklyn nearly impossible.  Tara commented, how amazing it was that people were genuinely concerned that I make it to where I needed to go, and invested beyond just agreeing to sit for their portrait.  My first stop was old Hampshire friend, writer and musician, Matt (formerly of Hampshire all time favorite, New Radiant Storm King).  It was really great to catch up and he was even sweet enough to share his breakfast bacon with me.   A nice start to a hectic day.

Then a walk around the corner to Suzy's - also a Hampshire friend and painter turned shrink.  Her roommate was moving out so we dodged boxes and piles of junk for the shoot and then sat outside in her super beautiful garden drinking coffee, watching the rain and catching up on life.  And then a walk to the bus to the train to get back to Manhattan.

Next stop, Nolita to photograph Marina & Antony, who I hadn't met in real life.  Marina and I have been e-mailing back and forth because she is a writer and wants to do a story on the project so she didn't feel like a total stranger and she sent me a link to Antony's website - he didn't feel like a total stranger either, I felt like we shared a similar aesthetic.

Then a lovely stroll to the lower east side with a quick stop at the Hester Street Fair to see Juli (who gave me a lovely scarf) and a quick margarita before heading to Justine and Jodi's.  Justine is another Hampshire friend who is a video editor, and Jodi is a graphic designer.  They made me delicious cocktails, a delightful cheese platter and then pasta and red sauce!  Shara another Hampshire friend joined us for dinner, too.

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