Friday, September 16, 2011

Adventures in NYC-Day 3, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Ft. Greene

I started off the morning enjoying my cousin, Tara's beautiful apartment and view, it makes such a difference staying in a quiet cozy apartment in NY.  Then off for a quick cup of coffee at Eately on my way to the subway to Brooklyn.

My first stop in Brooklyn, was Williamsburg to photograph Rebecca, who is a painter that I met in France when we were both artist in residents at Chateau La Napoule.  We got to catch up and she cooked me a delicious lunch.

Then off to Park Slope (my first time in the neighborhood) to photograph, Flo who I meet at Hampshire in the photo building so many years ago.  We also lived together with a bunch of drag queens in San Francisco.  Although once super close friends, time and distance kept us apart, and we realized we hadn't seen each other for five years! There is something about friendships made at Hampshire, the bond is so tight, it was just like old times.  She is recently married (although I didn't get to meet her husband, Andy) and lives in a beautiful brownstone.  She took me out for a gourmet hot dog before I headed to Ft. Greene.

Then  a nice walk to Ft. Greene, another Brooklyn neighborhood that was new to me to photograph, Alan who I met on FB via new FB best friend and fellow photographer, Jona Frank.  It was really great that he agreed to be part of this project since the "friend" connection was once removed, but it goes to show "a friend of yours is a friend of mine".  Alan works with photographers on book projects so it was great to talk shop and see his amazing book collection.  Not only did his apartment have incredible light, but a to die for view of the city.

Then back to the hood for a delicious beer  at the Shake Shack in Madison Sq. Park and a quiet night of take out Chinese with Tara.

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