Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adventures in Vermont - Twig Farm - Sat. part 2

From Putney, I headed Northwest to West Cornwall outside of Middlebury to good friends, Michael, Emily, and Carter's Twig Farm.  They have a small goat dairy and Michael makes the most amazingly beautiful and delicious goat cheese you'll ever eat.  I encourage you all to buy it when you see it because demand is so high,  he can't keep up with orders.  I arrived during an open house that was in conjunction with the Vermont Cheesemakers festival.  Michael greeted me with a cold beer and we caught up while Emily was giving the visitors a tour of the farm and goats in the pasture.   Minutes after my arrival, dear friend and old intern, Jacob surprised me - I thought he was in Spain! but he was back for a few months getting his masters at Middlebury College in Spanish. 

After the tour left, Emily came up with the genius idea to go for a swim in their neighbors' pool. The Robert's not only have a great pool, but also a cow dairy that Michael buys milk from for some of his cheeses.  We had a super fun impromptu pool  party, Megan and Martine who work on the farm joined us.  Emily is the hands down champion of all games in the pool.  And Carter, almost 6 showed us all his great swimming/cannon ball moves.

Then we all came back (plus Jacob's friend Annabel) for a delicious dinner of fish, pork belly, farm fresh salad and corn, cider, wine and a bottle of Vermont made whiskey that Emily picked up at the farmer's market.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted all of my images from dinner until Sunday afternoon.

The goats come for afternoon milking:

Visiting with the new kids:

Since it was so busy this year, I didn't get a chance to follow Michael around as usual so I am including a couple of movies I shot last year:
Michael makes cheese:

Nellie, my favorite goat:

Michael talks about pasturing the goats and Christo the artist:

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