Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adventures in Vermont - Cheese fest

The morning started out early with a shoot of Chris who I met last summer when visiting Michael & Emily.  During the weeks he works for the Counseling Services of Addison County and on the weekends he helps Michael with the milking.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the gorgeous drive to his house and everything I shot there, all I'm left with is the cutey gas station at the end of his road and a farm along the way home.

Then back to Twig to have some lunch, get ready for our adventures and accidentally delete the previous 100 images of the last 24 hours.

Then off to Shelbourne Farms for the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival where Michael & Megan were manning the Twig Farm booth.  We had a re-fuel of coffee and snacks in Vergennes at Vergennes Laundry - perhaps the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever been in, like ever in my whole entire life.   I can't believe it exists in a little town in Northern Vermont, essentially in the middle of nowhere.

Shelbourne Farms is amazing, once a family estate now a non profit, it is a true farm to table experience. We took a tractor ride and then hike through the grounds to the festival, had drinks on the ridiculous lawn and gardens, snuck into the breeding barn under construction.  I could go on and on about both the festival and the grounds, but I encourage you to look at the websites for more detailed information.  I will say the highlights were stuffing my face with as much cheese as I possibly could and I got to meet Anne Saxleby who I have heard so so many good things about.

Then heading back home and a delicious dinner at the Shoreham Inn, Michael, Emily and Carter's favorite place for a comfy night out.  We were also serenaded by traveling musicians!

Where are the birds?

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