Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures in Cape Elizabeth

Jon and Jones invited me over for brunch (delicious french toast and banana nut compote) and a shoot with their daughter Nora. Jon is the film programmer at Space, timber framer and carpenter and Jones works with youth radio at the Youth Center and with Public Radio.  Although we've know each other for quite awhile and I knew a lot about their house because we were both renovating at the same time (and fighting for the bargains at Habitat's Re-Store) this was my first visit to their very beautiful and super cozy home, made even cozier by the pouring down rain.   Their neighbor, Michael also stopped over and he told me about his book on people who learn languages and we chatted about his idea for a facebook project and we all chatted about all sorts of cool things that are happening in the world.

Then we braved the rain for a tour of the gardens, bees and chickens (the coop is more structurally sound than my house, I think).  This is my first garden tour of bees, but I am struck by the amount of people who have chickens.    Jones gave me a tour of the little cottage they lived in while renovating the house and proudly told me that it was furnished (including the books) from the Cape Elizabeth dump.

Nora feeds the chickens Kale and possibly drugs them with Poppy:


  1. We loved seeing you, T-T! xo Jones

  2. You too! Next time you're in the cities of the A, come on over.


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