Friday, July 29, 2011

Adventures leaving New Hampshire to Vermont - Sat. part 1

I woke up and said goodbye to my amazing hosts, their amazing house, and amazing record collection.   I then hit the road to Putney,Vermont.

I arrived in Putney to photograph Margaret, my friend Henry's mom.  One of the great things about this project is realizing how connected we all are - I love meeting my friends parents and families and in turn being part of a larger community.  I have had dinner with Margaret many times in Maine but this is my first trip to her home in Vermont.  She showed me around her beautiful land with gardens, fig trees!, and chickens and like any good mother, fed me a ridiculous amount of food.  Would you like some fresh blueberries? Sure.  How about some mango ice cream I just made?  Ok.  You should really try this garlic scape pesto I made last night, would like some? Sure.   How about some chicken salad?  Ok.   As I was finishing the last of my buffet, the fedex man arrived and delivered a giant card board box.  Her birthday was the next day, so she thought it was perhaps a present.  She was hesitant to open it, but I egged her on.   It was a guitar from her four children.  The story goes she used to sing and play for them a bunch when they were little but had a wrist injury so was unable to continue.  So when a new guitar arrived (the kids had taken the ones in the house when they left for school) she was absolutely blown away.


Then I hit the road with the iphone on ipod shuffle for a two hourish drive and headed to West Cornwall outside of Middlebury through the spectacular rolling hills, farm lands, rivers, lakes and small towns.  I love driving in Vermont -- the different kinds of roads, from the two lane highway to the dirt road.  I am also starting to master out the car window photography.

On the road part 1:

On the road part 2:

On the road part 3:


  1. Oh thank you for this!
    I've been stuck in the south since last October. These photos of Margaret (my neighbor in Putney) and Vermont do my heart good!...and then I took a drive, for a few moments on back roads, in the summer time, in Vermont: Bliss!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed them - especially the movies!


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