Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adventures in Lewiston, Farmingdale & Camden!

My morning shoot was right down the road in Lewiston with good friends, Kate & Matt.  Ironically it was one of the harder ones to set up do to schedules that didn't seem to coincide with daylight.   I met Kate awhile back, but didn't get to know her and Matt until last year when they moved to L/A into the apartment of friends, Karin & Barry, who moved to Brooklyn, another ironic twist of fate.   Kate is a girl of all trades, I'm pretty sure she can make / do anything she sets her mind to, whether it's a crazy fabric sculpture or a beautiful song.   Matt is an incredibly talented musician, and like Kate I'm pretty sure he can play any instrument he sets his mind to.  He plays the accordion and is off to Serbia to learn more about the history of Balkan music.  They both have a way of bringing smart, talented and creative people together and offer a ray of sunshine to the somewhat ruff and tumble downtown Lewiston.

Then off to a lovely drive through the inland backroads to Farmingdale on my way to Camden.  I love taking the back roads (both to avoid Route 1 holiday weekend summer traffic and because of the beauty), it is a whole part of Maine that many tourists do not know exists.   Farmland is spotted with perfect lakes and ponds full of great swimming holes for a hot summer day.

I met Johanna and Dave a long time ago when they had a frame/frame restoration store, Artifacts, in downtown Portland.  We reconnected on FB and through friends, Karin & Barry.   It was the first time I had seen them in real life for a good 15 years, and first time at their beautiful farm & house outside of Gardiner.   They fixed me a fantastic lunch, had good conversation and gave me a tour of the studio and property. This is the 3rd or 4th artist "estate" I've been to in Maine, and I am struck by how they have all created beautiful homes with not much money but a lot of creativity, time and love.

And then off to Camden to visit with the Brady/Boks and Wardwell/Fitch's up afrom Boston for the best Thai food I have ever eaten at Long Grain and ice cream after!

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