Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures on the coast - Damariscotta & Mere Point

I got to watch the sunrise over Biscay pond and have morning coffee with Peter.  It appeared that the rain and fog finally broke, and we were about to have a real summer day.

My morning shoot was right down the road at FB friend #3 that I haven't met in real life, and we haven't "known" each that long on FB.  Jay is the twin brother of my friend, Jed, so it seemed slightly less awkward.  But  I'm not going to lie, it is a little nerve racking showing up on someone's doorstep, camera in tow that you have never met before.  However Jay and his kids Dawson and Alex and their cousin Thomas, welcomed me warmly.   After the shoot, Jay and Alex chatted with me in the kitchen (something a teenager rarely does, I was very impressed!) and eagerly showed me their new baby chickens and the gardens that his grandmother started many years ago. It is a classic and beautiful Maine farmhouse and land.

Then back down the coast to Mere Point in Brunswick to photograph long time family friends Emma & Claudia. Emma was bff's with my sister Amanda & Claudia with my parents with growing up. Emma is just back from a five year stint in Rome.   Claudia lives across the street from Moira and Henry (until they moved to California) and we shared many a Sunday meals together last winter.  It's not entirely an accident I scheduled this shoot for lunch time.  It turned to a beautiful and hot day so after I raided Claudia's fridge, I headed down to the dock for my first swim of the season.  They were both leaving for the afternoon and Claudia insisted I stay and relax by the water "Why have this beautiful land, the earth, the universe if people can't use it?"  I wish others felt the same way with their private roads and docks and beaches.

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