Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures in SoPo - I cross the bridge

Okay, so I'm not technically a Portlander anymore, and many of you will remind me I should really not be throwing stones since I've lived in the cities of the Androscoggin for 6 years now,  but somehow, still, crossing the bridge into South Portland seems like an ordeal.  I didn't get stuck with the bridge up, and it really only does take 5 minutes so I'm not sure why I carry the stigma.

Thankfully when I arrived at Amy & Amber's they pumped me full of coffee and a delicious breakfast.  I've known Amy (she is the CFO at the Bakery) for at least 10 years,  and have been to the outside of her house but never inside.  I realize we usually meet in Portland for dinner and rarely actually go to each other's houses.  It was also the first time I had qt time with Amber.  Ironic, I had to write a grant and make it my art to go visit friends in real life!  I also worked on Amy to be my all things business assistant.  Fingers crossed.

Since I couldn't justify going all the way to SoPo for just one shoot, I scheduled Karen next because she lived right around the corner.  Although I've known her work in Portland forever, I haven't actually known her personally for very long.  It was a real treat to walk into her house because she, like me, has been renovating for a long time and also like me, has made her place an extension of work, one very big expensive installation project.  She'll be renting out room soon, so those in need of a cute place to stay, you know who to e-mail.

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