Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures in Boston - Sunday

My first shoot of the day was Bonnie, my sister Emma's roommate.  I met her when they both worked at Tremont 647 (where Bonnie still works and is the manager).  She's part of the family now, after celebrating T-day with us and coming up to Maine with Emma for r&r in the summertime. I stayed at their place on Saturday night so it was easy to roll out of bed in the morning and shoot Bonnie eating breakfast before she had to take off for the brunch shift.
Then a walk to get my car in Somerville, and I happened upon a scene of girls in princess dresses outside of what looked like some sort of VFW/Masonic Hall.

And then off to Arlington to shoot Lydia, Myles and Maia.  I have known Lydia forever, since the late 80's.  We both lived in Portland and then both ended up in Amherst for school so she would give me rides back to Maine.  I haven't seen her in a good couple of years (I last ran into her at the new ICA) and got to meet her husband and adorable daughter for the first time.  She cooked me french toast and we got to catch up and reminisce.

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