Monday, June 6, 2011

Adventures in Boston - first friday art walk

I arrived in JP in time for Joe and Katie to cook me delicious bbq and for me to bond with their girls on a bit of a walk to the liquor store for a six pack (note to self - when with two children, buy two packages of m&m's not one).   Joe and I then went out and hit about an hours worth of the first Friday openings.  We went to his gallery first, La Montagne, in Southie  where he had one of his awesome new rock n roll text paintings up.

Then we headed over to the South End to hit my gallery, Carroll and Sons, which had to great shows, and then popped into a couple other places.  Going to openings in Boston is extra fun with Joe because he is like the art mayor - everyone loves him and he managed to find the stashes of beer everywhere and then the master plan of a night cap at Jimmy & Donna's across the street.  And then home to babysit so he and Katie could go see the Melvins (he very proudly won $46 tickets on the radio that morning).

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