Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And then there was Saturday. 5/7 - part 5, trolley tranny trainwreck&lady tambourine

I'm going to be honest.  The day started out with jello shots, then rum daiquiris, beer, and tequila & sodas in the in between.  I'm not entirely sure how, when we decided to leave Tipitina's and go by bus and then trolly home via the french quarter the rest of the night unfolded.  I do know that Richard and Alexander make friends where ever they go. I do know that Richard insisted on paying the fare for all 15 people waiting for the bus, one dollar at a time.   I'm pretty sure the bus ride was three blocks, and the bus driver, pulled over the bus and escorted the group of us across the street to the trolley stop.  I'm almost positive Alexander was speaking in Dutch to two random strangers.  I think that 15 strangers became friends that night waiting for the trolley.   I know I was coerced into going to gay bars on Bourbon Street.    I know that I said, if I was going to stay out since it was already 2 am, that I wanted to see some sissy bounce, and asked everyone I came across where I could find it, and no one had any idea what I was talking about until I saw a beautiful 7' tall gold lame tranny who told me she just wanted to go home after a long night, and where I wanted to go wasn't safe for tourists.  I insisted she tell me, and when she did I was so awe struck I didn't write it down.

I'm pretty sure Emma and I left the gays at a bar and got in a fight over where Frenchman's street was --  and when we finally got there, we literally bumped into nola legend, Lady Tambourine doing an impromptu performance on the street inbetween a pick up truck smoker and a hipster robot.

Trolley ride:

Lady Tambourine:

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