Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And then there was Saturday. 5/7 - part 1, the morning at Dallas'

Back to work, but not before Emma's bike handlebars came undone.  Lucky for us, good samaritan #3 saved the day. (see video below and give it a second to load)   I scheduled this shoot with Dallas, pre jazz fest which worked out great because he lives only a few blocks away from the fairgrounds.   He is the 2nd person I hadn't met in real life (although he claims that we did a long time ago at a party at my parents house).  His mom, Louise and her husband Wayne are family friends.  I do remember a party that Louise was at, she was then a magistrate in the Portland District Court, and skin heads crashed the party and started smoking in the living room which incensed my mom.  Louise had seen them and knew them from her courtroom, and escorted the fellas out by their ears.  It has hilarious.  Anyway, my dad  suggested I get in touch with Dallas when Emma and I were looking for a place to stay, "he's a hip guy".

This was an interesting shoot for a couple of different reasons.   First off,  I had Emma with me, which is the first time I've had someone on a shoot.   I of course put her to work shooting video of what my process is like for those of you that are curious.  A man after my own heart, the Supremes were playing on the turn table when we arrived and he greeted us like we were long time friends.  There was no stranger showing up on your doorstep first thing in the morning awkwardness.   He even shared his bowl of gumbo with us that his next door neighbor made.  It's the warmness and kindness of New Orleans I was talking about earlier.  And his friend Zack came over who was also great, and shot some video for me and we all gathered in his tiny but super sweet apartment to pregame jazz fest.

Good Samaritan #3:

I shoot Dallas:

Zack shoots me shooting Dallas:

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