Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 6, 5/9- part 2

The afternoon shoots got a little delayed because I had to wait over an hour for a cab.   -I was worried I was going to run out of light, when Louise came and got me.  She dropped me off to photograph  Ann, John and their daughter Livvy who are technically related to me ( Ann is my grandfather's wife's daughter, I think that makes her my step Aunt).  I met them for the first time in LA at my grandfather's funeral (who I was not particularly close to).  We ended up hitting it off and staying in touch over the last few years. Ann is the publisher of Nola Baby & Family magazine which she started when she was looking for parenting resources and had a hard time finding any.  They were extra kind to have me over (and feed me a glass of wine) because they had literally just unpacked from moving.

Ann was also nice enough to me drop off at Wayne and Louise's around the corner.  They are old friends of the family from Maine, although I did know Wayne professionally, when he was the editor of Casco Bay Weekly and a huge supporter of the arts in Portland.   He is a freelance journalist now, writing about all kinds of things, but an expert on rum and the cocktail.  Louise is a public defender, so we talked a bunch about the corruption & racism in the NOLA police force.  She told me of two heart wrenching & bone chilling stories of cold blood murder by cops post Katrina -  the Danziger bridge shootings and  Henry Glover.  The cops, just now in 2011, being sentenced.  Thanks to journalism and the FBI (never thought I would thank them for anything).

Then they took me for dinner at their friend Pableaux's house where I met a bunch more interesting people and ran into Brett Martin, who I went to Hampshire with.  Apparently its a a tradition to have red beans and rice with sausage on Monday nights, so I was honored to be part of that.  They were fantastic, as was the cornbread, watermelon we all shared family style, and of course Wayne's  tea punch.

Wayne makes tea punch:

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