Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 6, 5/9- part 1

Back to work, for real today. I started off with two morning shoots, both of people I met while in New Orleans. I'm sure why I felt guilty that I was having so much fun, and only had 4 shoots scheduled (1 cancellation) while I was there, but I did, so I added them. I think its hard for me to believe that I can make a photo project out of doing what I love to do. I also really liked Zack and Leesaw and Chad so I wanted to include them in the project.  Leesaw and Chad rented us their cottage and their house was just as amazing as our place.  A house after my own heart, they kept the original details and filled it with thrift store gems.

I suppose I didn't have my total wits about me, because I forgot to photograph the inside of Zack's house, but have an outside view at least.   He showed me the trailer for the documentary about a Burlesque troupe in New Orleans that he is finishing up which looks really awesome.  Then we headed off to meet the others at the Country Club, a clothing optional pool/club close to our house. 

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