Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 3, 5/6 - part 1 biking to jazz fest

I divided this post into two parts, part 1) biking & part 2) jazz fest.   There is no night time activity because by the time we were both showered and ready to go out at 11, we accidentally passed out after what was supposed to be a quick nap.

I have included our handy map again, since we carried it everywhere we went, I thought you should too. We were both curious that some people chose to keep the post katrina spray paint "X" markings in homes they were clearly living in.  Our friend Dallas said that some people just hadn't gotten around to painting it over, and others treated it like a scar you don't want to hide from.  Either way, it left you feeling both sad and proud.  (video below-give her a second to load)
Good Samaritan #2, Noel from Austin helped us put the chain back on my bike ... and we were shortly back in business.
Biking down Kerlerec Street:

Biking down Burgondy Street:

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