Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 2, 5/5 - part 2 nighttime

Our first stop was for burgers at Port of Call, where I weaseled our way into bar stools to avoid the ridiculous wait.  I also forgot how special the bathrooms are in New Orleans.

The stars lined up perfectly because I consulted our list of neighborhood places that Leesaw recommended and found out that The Stooges Brass Band were playing close by at the Hi Ho Lounge. And then, to make things even better, friends Wayne and Louise texted us they were headed there as well. They played all night and were mind blowingly good and a great crowd of dancers kept things fun.  After the show, I became instant FB friends with one of the trumpet players (Eric) and was hoping to add him to the project but scheduling never worked out.  Next time. He is the one in the video below (give her a second to load) that did an awesome job blowing his trumpet into the camera.

Then little sister wanted to have a nightcap across the street at Kajun's Pub which turned out to be a fun neighborhood bar (minus the Karoke).  Emma ordered me a shot of tequila and a high life, even though I insisted I am too old and weak for shots.  She said it's the same thing as the tequila and sodas I was drinking earlier, just different.

Smoker and pickup cab with beer outside of Hi Ho Lounge:

Stooges, part 1:

Stooges, part 2:

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