Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 2, 5/5 - part 1 daytime

I love New Orleans. I love the warmness and kindness of strangers; I love the pride everyone has in their city; I love the architecture; I love the food; I love the heat that makes everything seem sexy; I love that people dance all the time; I love you can leave a club when you want to and bring your drink with you; I love that at 2 am you can grab some bbq from a smoker attached to a pick up truck on the street and a beer from a cooler in it's cab; and of course most importantly, I love the music everywhere. Jazz Fest is a special time because musicians from all over the country and world come to the city to play the festival and often times you can also find them at the clubs at night or even on the streets.

Since we did so much in any given 24 hour period, I've divided the posts into daytime and nighttime activites. Many thanks to our gracious hosts, Leesaw and Chad,  who leant us their jazz fest chairs & bikes to get around, as it made getting to and from so easy.   Leesaw was kind enough to give us a route that avoided potholes and traffic, too.  (Although we did have a call back system to warn each other of impending traffic dangers.) It took us through Bywater, Marigny, the edge of Treme and finally, to the fairgrounds. I don't think either one of us has been on a bicycle since we were in Costa Rica three years ago, so we were a little apprehensive at first, especially when the chain fell off Emma's bike and then mine in the midst of our journey....

We got to Jazz Fest and grabbed some delicious crawfish and soft shell crab Po Boys for lunch and had a day of Galactic, Maceo Parker, and were lucky enough to catch the last few songs of The Stooges Brass Band.  The Stooges were the highlight of the day and our new favorite local Nola band. And the people watching is unparalleled. (video below-give her a second to load)

I also decided that as much as I love still photography, Nola is a city that lends itself to video, so here are some short clips from our day with my point & shoot:
Galactic with the dude from Living Color:

Maceo Parker with Pee Wee Ellis:

The Stooges Brass Band:

When we left the fairgrounds, these adorable and talented girls were playing.  They're part of the New Orleans String Project.  It makes me want to beg, yes beg Republican db's who cut funding for the arts in public schools to stop immediately.

We biked the 4.5 miles home, and not ONE grocery store along the way.  We realized that this was a pretty serious problem.  In any other city, we would of passed 2 or 3 and probably at least one boutique food and/or health food store.  It became #1 on our list to ask locals about.

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