Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in New Orleans, day 1, 5/4

I planned this trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest with my little sister, Emma, long before I started this project, however I had 5 FB friends to photograph there, so it was a twofer.  And it made me think, I should plan my travel around cool things that are happening in other cities where I have FB friends.  I left LA on the 7 am flight and met Emma at the airport, and we took a cab to the adorable cottage we rented on airbnb in the Bywater district of the 9th ward.  The cabbie had us horrified that we made a stupid decision, "I ain't never taken no tourists down here. You girls are going to the 9th ward, the 9th ward".  More on race & class relations in New Orleans to come, but needless to say, we LOVED our cottage and our neighborhood.
I was exhausted from my two weeks in LA; a combination of my early flight,  not being in one place for more than two or three days, and because I did so much shooting.   I was happy to sleep in a real bed and stay put for 6 days.  I rallied to go out that night with the little sister, and we hit the town with a map outlining our hosts, Leesaw's favorite spots for dinner, drinks and music.   First stop, Mimi's for tapas.

We have both been to Nola before, so we also had some places we wanted to hit.  Next we knew we'd hear some great music on Frenchmen's street, and we were able to find a nice spot at the bar at The Three Muses.

Then down to the quarter to hit the classics, Napoleon House, Carousel Bar, and Yo Mamas.  One of the many post Katrina tragedies is the lack of grocery stores in the 9th ward.  We tried in vain to find a place to stock up on some basic supplies, fruit, snacks, etc. but were left to chips, chips and chips.  Don't get me wrong, I love chips but they aren't sustainable for a week long trip.  We got what we could and decided we'd stop somewhere on our way back from Jazz Fest.

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