Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventures in LA, day 8, 4/28 - LA to Joshua Tree

Started off the day at 6:45 on the freeway in rush hour (!) to give a talk to Siri's photo class at Otis, then off to Joshua Tree to celebrate my friend Karin's 40th birthday with a bunch of her lady friends.  I was hoping to take the entire week off in the desert, but was only able to get away  for a few days.  It was difficult to pull over but I realize car window photography is probably perfect for Southern California.

So the house Karin rented was crazy, built from recycled materials and covered with penis art.  Karin's lady friends are all awesome, super interesting and smart, and they all seem to love happy hour and food as much as me.  It's always good to bring a chef/bartenders on vacation with you too! My first stop was in the solar powered hot tub.

North America's most deadly snake, the green mojave rattler, also loves happy hour.
We decided to leave the rattler to shoo himself away and go the desert hot springs spa with 8 different mineral pools.  We got very lost along the way and ended up on 10th avenue so said little blue iphone dot.
And we should of known by the $3 entry fee that the spa wasn't exactly a spa.

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