Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in LA, day 12, 5/2

First stop, gas at yet another bullet proof gas station which also had a buzzer system to get to the bathroom. I also managed to side swipe a red pole in my white rental car (too mortified to photograph)...  And then an interesting 45 min drive to the other side of LA, Hawthorne,  to photograph Ann, who I went to Hampshire with.  I saw her last fall at a wedding, but before that hadn't seen her since we graduated.  She is now a therapist and greeted me with a delicious cup of coffee and a great book by a Japenese photographer.

Then off to Todd's in Culver City where I met his wife, Eriko and daughter, Miko. I haven't seen Todd since the early 90's, we met in Portland, I believe at the famous Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  He works on movie sets doing special effects.  They were very warm and welcoming and made me a delicious chicken ceasar salad.

Then back to Colin's to have dinner with Moira and Henry and Jack on their way back from Vegas.  It is really weird to see oil drilling in the middle of the city.

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