Monday, May 16, 2011

Adventures in LA, day 11, 5/1 - Joshua Tree to San Diego to LA

Back to work, back on the road.  Somewhere around day 5, I learned that a constant supply of vitamin water was essential to work in this heat and the bottles were strong enough to refill with regular water back up.  I gave up on bringing my special water bottle with me traveling as I lost it too many times.  I left Joshua Tree a little past sunrise to get to San Diego for a morning shoot, with a spectacular drive through the desert wind farm.

 I arrived in San Diego to photograph Carla and Chris and their hilarious and photogenic daughter, Cady.  The first thing she did was show me her new nails.   Cady is also part of the budding young artist/photographers club I've started on this adventure.  She is really good at the selfy p and collage.  Carla works for PBS and Chris teaches music.

Then back to Hollywood to photograph Patrick who is a fellow photographer that I met through my friend Justine, and to meet his wife Jane, and kids Everett and Maren.  Everett and I became besties, he has a pretty bad ass lego digi camera (although he made a nice picture of his hand when he borrowed mine) and the first thing he did was insist I read his new super heroes book to him.

Then feeling confident enough to photograph and wrangle (although a driver would be nice) the crazy one lane two way traffic streets in the hills (and freeways) to dear friends J. & Pam's where I got to meet their little one Marcel.  I'm not sure where I thought peppercorns grew, but I didn't realize it was on a the beautiful tree in their backyard next to the oranges! You know you have a good friend when they make you cheese burgers for lunch and tacos for dinner.  FYI, mashed potato tacos are super delicious.  A good friend of J&Pam's joined us for dinner, Mark who works for CBS.  We also learned of the giant Osama bin Laden news and sat horrified in front of the TV as people danced  outside the white house.

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