Thursday, April 21, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Max

OMG Tanja this is like my dream!

I told you this story at the time but it’s good. As we got old, my wife’s and my grad. school friends all moved away from California and we were sad. Finally, our favorite friend ever got a job in Maine and left. We went to visit her and saw the first show she curated and you were in it! I was so excited, I hadn’t talked to you in years. I still have the catalog around here somewhere. I guess that’s not that great a story, but it was cool at the time. Anyway, Sharon’s on your email list, right?

94706 ( La Napoule, France)
Untitled 30713 (Varkala, Kerala, India)
Untitled 58304 (North Haven, Maine)
Untitled 45012 (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)
Also, I have 3 year old twins (which is why I have no money), you can photograph them when you come to Cali. Or me, but they’re much more interesting!

I’m kind of distracted/paralyzed by the Japanese earthquake thing. It’s crazy how kids make you worry about everything.* Also, possibly, living on the west coast right on top of the the worst possible fault doesn’t help.

So my brain is a little fried and I don’t have a really good story, but the thing the boys have started doing this week is pretending they are frogs, which consists of getting on all fours in the bathtub and licking each other. It’s pretty hilarious/mischievous.
PS I have very vague memories of visiting you in the mission when we first moved out here 16 (!) or something years ago but it doesn’t constitute a story unless I can reconstitute some brain cells. All I can say is that the mission has gentrified considerably!

*If you visit us in person I’ll tell you the story of how one of my sons needed brain surgery when he was 9 months old, and how it changed/broke me, but it’s too much to type. Also we have a place for you to sleep and beer and coffee and whatever else you need….

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