Saturday, April 9, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Kim

Thank you for your quick response. Your face book project sounds really great. Are any of your “friends” overseas?
So, here is my reason for wanting your photograph. I am a psychotherapist, newly licensed, and have just opened my own practice. I work with adults and adolescents struggling with a variety of issues including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, etc.. I save a few slots for low fee clients, including pro bono. In getting my own office, one of the most difficult parts has been finding artwork for the wall. I have been searching for pieces that are soothing yet meaningful and when I saw your Scarborough piece I fell in love with it. It conveys a feeling of murkiness and confusion, a component of the human experience,  yet it doesn’t have a negative foreboding quality that would make one feel hopeless. In a way it symbolizes why one might come to therapy in the first place…a recognition of feeling lost and uncertain with a hope of finding light and illumination.
I would like to hang the piece above my chair in full view of the client. I would love to have a 36x36 so it is large enough to have as the only piece on the wall. In looking at the remainder of my budget for the office.
I hope that offer feels honoring of you and your beautiful work,

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