Friday, April 15, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Karine

hi Tanja,

Here is why I would like to buy a print from you and why I can’t afford to pay full price:

1) They are beautiful and entrancing.  I have admired your work for some time and always kick myself for not buying one years ago.

2) I want to stop kicking myself.

3) We are currently experiencing cash flow problems, and art can help us forget about them.

4) Alan’s birthday is coming up.  He will be 58 and isn’t too thrilled about it.  I think one of your photographs would cheer him immensely.

5)  I like your family.

The prints I like are Untitled 91910 (Phippsburg, Me.) and Untitled 311310 (Portland, Me.)

Either would be great.  Surprise us!

As far as size goes, well, I love the big prints.  20 x 20 would be lovely, but please let me know what you think.

Thank you for your generosity.


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