Monday, April 4, 2011

pay-what-you-can sale story: Clara

Hi Tanja,

Here’s how we know each other: I assisted you in the darkrooom for a short time after I finished school.  (Please note, I resisted all temptation to steal ANY of your prints at the time…)  I learned a lot about color printing from you, and about color in general.  I don’t use this information much these days, except maybe in choosing paint colors as we slowly fix up our house…

Here’s my story: My husband, Glen, is in nursing school, and is working parttime as a phlebotomist at St. Mary’s.  I work parttime at the UU church here in Auburn.  We just had our third baby (Audrey), joining our sons Simon (4) and Nelson (3).  Glen was a newspaper photographer for years, but we hardly photograph anything other than our kids these days.  (If you’re interested, glance at our blogs: and

Here’s why I can’t pay retail: Turns out running a Sunday school isn’t very lucrative.  Also, the boys keep wearing holes in their jeans. 

Here’s what i would love: any one of your misty marsh, land or water photos, or one of those curtained windows in your archives.  You could choose - maybe whatever you have most of kicking around, or if anything reminds you of me particularly, that would be lovely.

Good luck with the FB project!  I look forward to hearing more about it.


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