Monday, April 4, 2011

Boston adventures 4/2+4/3

First stop gas at old timey gas station in JP.  That was an experience to say the least.  It's been a long time since I've been to a cash only, bullet proof glass gas station.

Next stop, Roslindale to Jody, Andrew, Eamon & Mazie's place.   I have seen Jody & Andrew at social gatherings but haven't met the children who are (as you can see) super adorable.  Jody made an incredible lunch and I was filled in on Andrew's amazing success with his super fun card game, Anomia

Then off to Color Services in Needham to drop off a giant print to be mounted and framed.  Chatted a bit with the owner, Marc Elliott, who graciously agreed to sponsor the project with an in kind donation of film processing at a reduced rate! I have been working with Marc for many years, and he is the best of the best.  And  he has a great liquor stash in his office.

Then, off to Somerville to Ed & Dr. Mary's new place in an old convent turned condo.  They fed me well and also prepared a lovely and cozy guest room. Dr. Mary is an osteoporosis specialist and her research mice are going on the space shuttle!   I'm not gonna lie, the fact that Ed is a chef (and owns the smart and savvy Real Food Consulting)  makes staying with them extra enticing.  

After yummy breakfast and coffee, off to Alston to Suzi's who is the fab chef at Trina's Starlite Lounge where my little sister works.   I must admit I didn't have my wits about me first thing on a Sunday morning and forgot to photograph the inside of her place with the point & shoot, but this is her cute apartment from the outside.

Then back to JP, to photograph Dan & Liz, and their kids Cy & Zoe (who I haven't seen in a good couple of years).  Zoe was very excited to me give presents that she & Cy made for me.   They were quite entertaining and budding  young artists.  Liz runs a fabulous eco-friendly store for children, Hatched in JP, which you should all visit or shop online.  Another delicious lunch too!

Then down to the South End to photograph Erica who works at the sweet and cozy Franklin Cafe.

 And the last stop, a quick jaunt down 93 to Lady Di and Heather's place in Randolph.  They greeted me with high life and pizza (a perfect end to a long day) and showed me all the renovations of their super cute 50's bungalow.

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