Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventures in Washington, DC - day 1 (government almost shuts down)

Here I am at the airport in Portland, so excited for my trip and crossing my fingers that the douchy Republicans pass the budget so I can enjoy myself in DC.   My friend Samantha Appleton is one of the four Obama photographers and she was not only kind enough to let me stay at  her place, but has arranged for a tour  of the white house for me too! She was giving me updates from ground zero, and it wasn't looking good.
Landed in DC, and was expecting warm and sunshine but it was cold and rainy.

Made it to her place and was on the fence if I should try and high tail it to the Smithsonian (in fear everything would be closed my whole trip) or grab a beer.  I did both.
Sam encouraged me to go to the National Portrait Gallery, which I am very thankful for.   Since this is my first time in DC since high school, I have a lot to see and it seemed most appropriate to start there.
It is always great to be reminded of your inspirations.  Thank you Tina Barney for the giant C-prints of your family, there is really nothing like them.

And Diane Arbus.
And Alice Neal.  You gave all us lady artists a place to start.

Couldn't resist a self portrait on the mirror mosaic bar in the mosaic tile hall.
 It was definitely time for happy hour, so I had a quick pop in the gorgeous courtyard.

Then off to meet Karin who works with women&children with AIDS in Kenya and just got a job in DC.  It just happened that her friend Martin, who is a doctor in the field with her was also in DC, and his friend Chris who is an architect.  So we all met for a drink at a great place, Marvin.  Oh and the guy on the left is Dave, who befriended me at the bar while I was waiting for them.  He works in IT for the TSA.
Then Sam came and met us and we had dinner with her friend Alice who works as a photo editor for National Geographic.   I had one of the best burgers of my life.   Apparently Marvin was inspired by Marvin Gaye's time in self exile in Belgium and it's also owned by Thievery Corporation.

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