Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventures in LA, day 1, 4/21-Maine to Boston to the Hollywood hills

I usually fly out of Portland, but when I saw Virgin had a direct Boston to LAX flight for $150, I decided to break my normal rule and take the bus at 3:15 am to Logan.  It was totally worth it, those Virgin planes are new and nice and comfy.

Since none of my dear LA friends were able to get me at the airport, I chose to master public transportation, and took the bus to the Metro and then walked a little over a mile to Colin's house with a burger and pints pit stop at Stout along the way.  Public transport in LA is not as bad as everyone claims.  Swear.

Then a walk up the hill and a little down time in the back yard before Colin got home from work.
Then time to take Simon the dog for a walk up the big hill.

Then a little wine picnic and maybe an accidental tumble or two down the hillside, self portrait with a random guy who always sits in his garage day and night, and a house that is a replica of Tara from Gone with the Wind with a striped cover on it (unfortunately).

Then off to meet Siri for dinner at Cliff's edge when my camera battery died ....

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