Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adventures in DC, day 6 - Saying goodbye to #701 & some reflections

Part of the impetus for this project, is my strong belief that we are all affected and effected by the places we live and travel to, and the people we surround ourselves with.  Next to photography -- travel, food and friendships are the greatest loves of my life.   This has been a way for me to combine them all. It has been amazing to me, with about 75 "friends" under my belt, how kind, generous and supportive everyone has been.  How almost strangers or once close close friends have opened their homes to me, introduced me to their friends and family, cooked for me, made drinks for me and most importantly allowed me to photograph them in their intimate spaces.   DC was my first real trip for this project into uncharted waters.  I didn't know the city, and hadn't seen most of the people in a long time.  I've been home for a little over 24 hours and feel that maybe this project isn't as crazy as I sometimes think, and maybe it actually is possible to photograph that feeling I treasure so much when laughing with friends over the dinner table, telling stories and drinking too much red wine.   With a warm heart and a little sadness, I said goodbye to DC and my amazing hostess.
Goodbye, comfy couch.
Goodbye sweet and cozy, #701.
Goodbye headquarters #2, the 8th floor deck.

Goodbye Metro, that is fast, safe, clean, yet super confusing and Goodbye, conversations overheard on the Metro like:
"How many granbabies do you have?"
"4, 3 from one son, 1 from the other.  Shoot, the other might have 3 too, I don't even know."
"Well I have 6."
"They just don't stop nowadays, they just keep goin and goin and goin, not like us, just having 1 or 2."
Hello DCA to PWM.

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