Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures in DC, day 4

I had every intention of taking the Metro to Takoma Park but as I was packing up and listening to NPR, I heard someone got hit on the tracks, so faithful Mr. Subaru saved the day again.  Sarah and I grew up together in St. Louis and we went to Hampshire together.  She is a photographer for the Washington Post and just won awards for her work on Mexican drug cartels.  I haven't seen her in a long time, and this was also the first time meeting the family.  Pretty sure Isabel learned how to stand herself up while I was there.
Then back to the neighborhood for a quick stop at another cash only bullet proof glass gas station.
I had lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl, apparently a DC legend.  It was the most amazing chili cheese dog I have ever had. Story goes they are the only business that stayed open during the riots, too.  Can you see the sign that says the only customers who eat for free are Bill Cosby & the Obama family?
I seemed to remember everything for the trip except the charger for my point and shoot.  So I decided to go on a long walk to the camera store -- made even longer by the fact that I seem to instantaneously get lost, it doesn't matter if I'm walking or driving.  I forgot my tripod mount the last trip, so I am making a habit of visiting camera stores all over.  The staff here were so nice.
Oh and a stop at the liquor store that also has bullet proof glass, and a little sketch.
Then a quick stop at headquarters on the 8th floor.
My set up is pretty portable, thanks to the awesome bag Siri made me that fits my tripod.
Then off to go photograph Ben who works for the AFL/CIO.  I haven't seen him in years either.  Our parents are good friends, and he actually said it was because of my dad he went into organizing....He greeted me with a beer and I got to meet his friends Will and Maggie as well.
 And then we ran into my Congressman, Mike Michaud on the street!  How random is that.
 And then home sweet home.

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