Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adventures in DC, day 2

Self portrait about ready to pack up and hit the town.
Sam was kind enough to let me borrow her car to drive to Georgetown since no subway goes out there.  You can move the Mainer to DC, but you can't take away her Subaru wagon.
Unfortunately you can barely get the Mainer out of the parking garage....15 minutes later I figured out where the exit was and how to open the gate.
And this is the baddest ass parking pass I have ever seen.
First stop, Hadley and Jack in Georgetown. I've only met Hadley once at a baby shower, and never Jack, so it was really nice of them to let me into their home (Hadley makes a mean cup of coffee, too.) Jack works for the Navy and Hadley works at a private Catholic girls school. 
I got caught in a ridiculous traffic jam that was caused by this whole situation, which I don't know how to explain.  But people were going crazy.
 Then off to Karin's.  We decided on brunch before shoot at The Diner around the corner from her  place. 
I was so hungry I forgot to photograph my steak and eggs and grits.  But here is the counter where they were.
Then since my feet ached and I had just blown a whole in my shoes,  I decide it was time to join all my friends who swear by clogs, so we went shoe shopping.   Our salesman was too insane for words.  I thought we might be getting punked.  He made me step on this crazy machine I think to up sell me inserts.
Mama's got new blue shoes.

Since Karin just moved here, she doesn't have furniture.  Just stuff.  We've also only met once before, very randomly in Boston.  She was there to see her brother Christopher run the marathon with Valerie Bertanili.  I was there to see Colin (Christopher's BF) because he lives in LA. While Christopher got his sleep, the three of us hit the town until all hours in the morning.  Karin and I kept in contact over the FB, and had a very funny exchange, with me trying to help her fix her broken kitchen faucet.  
Back to Sam's for a quick nap, and was awakened to fresh squeezed carrot ginger juice.  Both healthy and delicious.
Then off to Paul's sweet place where he greeted me with a fantastic glass of wine. 
Came home to Sam making a roast chicken dinner, my favorite!  Alice came over too and I learned so much about photo journalism and war photography among many other things.  These are some smart smart ladies (who seem to love red wine as much as I do).
And the 8th floor has a sweet deck with a great view and fake fire place.
The night's not complete without a party favor from the President.

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  1. Sam's cooking for you and making fresh juice? In between shoots with the President?? And M&M's? Wow!


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