The Perks And Drawbacks Of Using PBNs In 2019

The Perks And Drawbacks Of Using PBNs In 2019

There are tons of ways on how website owners can improve their Google rank. Take Link-building, for example. By building high-quality backlinks, you get to improve website traffic, thus increasing your Google search rank and realize your SEO efforts. However, building quality links takes a considerable amount of effort, patience, and time. However, you can accomplish more success in building links that fast and easy way. It’s by taking advantage of Private Blog Networks.

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PBNs, in a nutshell, are groups of expired domains used link-building thanks to their ability to generate link juice. The domains, although old and expired (or are soon to expire), are still considered by search engines such as Google as authoritative websites. Therefore, by having such sites linking back to your main website helps you rank higher and enjoy tons of benefits.

But like all good things, PBNs also has its drawbacks. Some claims using such tactic is like brewing a penalty in the future. PBN use can lead to penalties or even worse consequences. However, this is only true if you leave footprints while building and using PBNs. 

The good news is, there are ways on how one can safely build PBNs. It starts with purchasing high-quality domains related to your niche, making each website look like a real site, and exercise other good PBN practices. But what are the pros and cons of PBNs anyway? 

Drawbacks of Using PBNs

PBNs Require A Significant Amount Of Investment

It can be expensive to buy pbn domain. The fact that you’re purchasing authoritative websites as a source of high-quality links meant you’re investing money to buy some domains. Although the areas are already expired or soon-to-be-expired, these are still a valuable source of link juice. It is not to say you can’t buy affordable domains to start building a Private Blog Network. There are lots of affordable PBN domains that are still of good quality.

Setting Up PBNs Can Be Time-Consuming

Building a Private Blog Network doesn’t start when you buy pbn domain and start linking the sites to your money-making website. After purchasing PBN domains, you’ll have to register the sites on WhoIs at scattered dates and under different names. You need to choose the best web hostings for your domains and make your website look legit. The content needs to be of high-quality, and the links should link back to related niches. 

There are other things to do before you can start making money with your PBN investment. It is why others opt to find SEO companies to do their PBN link-building for them.

PBNs Comes With Risks

Anything that relies on search engine traffic is under Google’s mercy. It only means that anything that goes against the rules and guidelines of Google can face penalties. It does not only pertain to simple link penalties that you can fix quickly. If Google finds out you’re using black hat strategies such as PBN link building, your ranking can become affected. They can nullify all of your links or worse, take down all PBN sites.

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Perks Of Using Private Blog Networks

Take Advantage Of Link Juice

Ranking high on Google and making conversions is a struggle of every digital marketer. It takes time to build brand awareness, improve your Google rank, increase web traffic aw well as the number of paying clients. By building a PBN, you can pass link juice to your money site easier and at a faster rate.

Perform Better In A Competitive Niche

When it comes to your competitors, you can expect a constant number of rivals in your field. Some business handles their competitors through several digital marketing tactics, such as using PPC advertisements. However, it’s not that easy to outrank a competitor even if you use the same tactics. Private Blog Networks are your best bet to outperform competitors in a highly competitive niche.

Outsmarting Competitors In Terms Of Keywords

Older websites tend to have a better chance of ranking high in search engines. The reason is that they already posted several good quality posts and established a good set of keywords that helps them rank. PBNs are an excellent way to outsmart your competitors which makes it a great way to invest your time and money and ensure success.

Private Blog Networks Simplifies The SEO Outreach Process

Let’s face it – link building takes time and effort. Blogger outreach and influencer outreach takes a considerable amount of time before you can see the results. It also takes time to build relationships and find blog owners and influencers who will accept your guest posts and links. By building a private blog network of your own, you can directly link your domains to your money-making site. No permissions and communications required.

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PBNs Helps Increase Your Revenue

PBN SEO owners enjoy an increase in earnings. PBNs are a  fast and easy way to build quality links, thus helping you rank up in google search engines and increase conversions. Not only that – PBNs can also serve as another way to earn extra revenue. How? By owning high-quality domains, you can trade guests posts, rent links to other website owners, and even sell some of your domains.

Get Ahead Of Ever-Changing SEO Strategies

When it comes to ranking factors, one can never get ahead of the trends that change ever so often. It includes the types of links you need in your website to rank high and the number of quality links and referring sites to rank keywords. 

By owning your own PBN, you can easily manipulate all these factors that can affect your rankings. You don’t need other website owner’s permission just to make changes on your content since you own everything inside the domain. You have full control on all links, content, and domain, and even have the power to work on link penalties asap.

While it’s true that PBNs can come with risks, we cannot deny the fact that the perks outweigh the cons. In a nutshell, to buy pbn domain and build a PBN is still worth building in this era. By proceeding with caution and exercising good PBN practices, you can enjoy the perks that Private Blog Networks has to offer.