Suffering from Computer Clutter? This Is the Solution

Suffering from Computer Clutter? This Is the Solution

As more millennials and younger people start working from home, a laptop becomes a powerful tool. It is our office, where we log in every day to perform our tasks. It is our recreational tool to watch our favorite shows, read ebooks, listen to music, and talk to friends. Our portable computer is not infinite in its resources for processing power, storage space, and memory. It also gets old with time. Our tasks can leave folders, subfolders and they can even devour our hard drives rendering our computer problematic. Another issue is that the more files we have, the more our productivity gets affected by too much information and distraction. So how do we merge PDF online and solve these issues?

Merge PDF Online with Tools Like PDF Bear

PDF tools are everywhere, and there are tools that you can access online. There are also those that you install on your computer as software. PDF Bear belongs to the former. However, you can add it as a browser add on for easy access. The great thing about combining all your files is how much burden you remove from your tasks. Recalling all your spread files on your computer can be a waste of time and effort. These folders and subfolders can be made easier by getting all of your documents as one file.

It Creates A “Notebook” For All Your Documents.

Creating a PDF version of all your folders and subfolders is an easy way to access your most frequently used documents. For example, if you are continually handing out flyers, invitations, notices, or even manuscripts, then getting them all in a single PDF file can avoid mess and saves you a lot of time. Installed of rummaging through your folders, you can simply browse one file and share whatever document you wish to share.

It Avoids Accidental Deletions or Alteration of Texts, Images, or Lines.

MS Word documents are subject to alterations or deletions. Getting all your essential files into PDF format will prevent this danger. PDF files cannot be changed or rearranged. Another thing to consider is that you can also protect your PDF documents by imposing security restrictions as “read-only’. Unlike Word or Pages(its Mac equivalent), PDF files retain the same format. This is a common issue when working on a smaller or bigger computer. The formatting is skewed. With PDF files, the lines, pictures, symbols, or text will be consistent.

PDF Files Can Be Read Opened on Mobile Devices

PDF is a universal format. Therefore it is available in desktop and mobile versions. With PDF, you can read your documents on your mobile devices. That is why the PDF version of an ebook or online magazines are trendy. What’s more, images in the format retain their crispness. Suppose you are working on training manuals, marketing reports, graphs, or statistical data. In that case, transforming them into PDF form and combining them will improve your productivity. Most of all, having all your productivity materials in one file will free you from overthinking.

Steps in Merging All Your Files

The steps are straightforward and easy.

  1. Go to the official PDF Bear site. You can use Chrome, Safari, or any working browser that’s current.
  2. Once you are on the leading site, look for one of the tools that say “merge pdf’. You click on that, and it opens the merging tool page.
  3. Upload all the files that you want to merge. The PDF Bear site will scan and upload your MS Doc file to its database. This PDF process will only take a few minutes. You can then rearrange the order of your document. Once you are ready, you can just click “merge,” They will all be combined into one long file. Once you are satisfied, you can download the PDF of the merged files to your computer. You can also share your finished documents to your dropbox.

PDF Bear Pro: Added Security With your Merged Files

PDF Bear is available in the free and pro version. Your merged files will be available on the free version database for an hour; after that, they get deleted automatically. The pro version has many advantages. Some of these advantages include the capacity to upload or download big chunks of the file. You also get complete processes in terms of merging, splitting, signing, or other activities related to PDF functions. You also get customer and tech support. So, whenever you run into an issue during your activities, you can always get the help you need. However, people get PDF Bear pro for its security. Your merged files get encrypted, so no one will be able to access or change them. Having them on the cloud is much safer than your computer. Remember, computers are susceptible to viruses and other forms of malware. Your valuable files might get compromised when your computer is accessed in an unauthorized way. Getting them on the cloud frees you of space. You can always access your files on the PDF Bear site for future document conversions. All you need is a good computer, a current browser and a decent wifi connection.

PDF Processing Speed

Conversion or merging of files requires a considerable amount of computer memory and processor resources. PDF Bear is cloud-based. Being so frees your computer of any additional task. The conversion is web-based, and because of that, results are fast. When you have an older computer, issues happen. Your computer can crash. There is a possibility that you will never be able to access your files anymore when your hard disk dies. So, having everything on the cloud will give you an added peace of mind.

Productivity Wise

When you work on corporate projects, accuracy and speed are essential. Having an online tool like PDF Bear will give you the much-needed boost of productivity. Doing so many things in such a short time will give your boss a positive impression. Who knows, you might get promoted in such a short time.