Men’s Fashion: What Your Wardrobe Needs

Men’s Fashion: What Your Wardrobe Needs

Long gone are the days when fashion was thought to be a definitive art of women. The modern era saw a rise in men’s fashion and men dominated ramp walks. Meanwhile, men’s fashion is characterised by similar factors as women’s fashion, but several standouts colour men’s fashion distinctly from the rest.

From suits and ties to watches for men, several specialities have an extensive market when it comes to fashion branding. Even the Aussie population known for its streetwear and surfwear is now taking corners in fashion. So, here are a few must-haves in your fashion collection:

A Classic Suit & Tie

Suits have been definitive of professionalism since early 19th century Britain where men donned well-cut, neatly tailored coats adorned with small ties. These are a must-have in one’s wardrobe due to their versatility. Meanwhile, a suit is not just restricted to professional meetings anymore. From tainted tuxedos to casual formals, a suit is now donned even on a casual night out! They have even been mix-and-matched with different pairs of jeans and chino pants to give a much more modern look.

A Plain White Shirt

This is an indispensable part of one’s wardrobe, as white shirts can be styled with anything from formal, neatly cut long pants to casual Hawaiian shorts! White shirts generally are believed to be boring, but that is not true! Many accessories are utilised famously with white shirts due to their likening to an empty canvas board. Nevertheless, they are clothes that you can experiment with the most!

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Watches for Men

Accessories are such an important part of male fashion. And watches, especially, are available for both women and men, but looking back, watches for men largely remained pocket watches from British styles. Women, on the other hand, wore thinner, petite wristwatches.

There is a wide variety when it comes to watches today. In the men’s segment, there are Impression, Statement, Chronograph, why even Diamond watches! And each of these offers a different make utilises varied materials, and don a different look suited for special occasions.

For instance:

  • Impression Watches: These watches are worn on more humbling occasions where making an impression becomes necessary, like a job interview. These generally come in titanium or ceramic finishes and sometimes have two or more gears within the face of the watch, adding to the complexity and style of the watch.
  • Statement Watches: They usually speak for themselves, that is, make a statement. These become symbols of power and top-fashion when strapped onto your wrist. Besides, these watches come in metal finishes and do not possess internal gears on the face of the clock. Instead, they have a noticeable print of the logo of the watch brand to make the statement.
  • Chronograph Watches: Watches for men now can act as a personal world clock! These watches are called chronographs because they possess segments within the watch’s face through which time bases of different localities can be read at one glance. In the meantime, these are usually specialised and have leather finishes.
  • Diamond Watches: These watches are exactly what they sound like, and they are usually manufactured with Milanese straps to add to their elegance. They are adorned with stones as well, which ranges from well-cut diamonds to differently coloured gems!


A pair of shoes is a must in one’s wardrobe. While pointy leather shoes have their oomph in professional settings, the Aussie recommendations include a pair of beach sandals that are necessary for every outback brunch during the weekends.