Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adventures in New Orleans - day 5 - Soul Rebels

I took the day off from site seeing and Jazz Fest, slept in late and read by the pool.  I mustered some energy around 9 PM and took the trolley downtown to have a quick drink with Ed & Mary and then off to Soul Rebels Brass Band at d.b.a.   I met Emma & Lynn there and it was one of the best shows we saw the entire week.  Emma and I have seen them a bunch of times, but the energy of both the band and crowd was amazing.   It's hard to choose favorites when you're talking about brass bands in New Orleans, but they are definitely in the top 10.  

The time stamp on my camera is 1:47 am which seems about right.  On my way back from the bathroom, I saw the stage door was propped open, so I made myself at home and got some amazing footage.  At 4:45 one of the trombone players takes my camera on stage with him.    Usually Emma is begging me to put my camera away so we don't get raped, murdered or arrested - but thankfully she had my back the entire time I was filming.

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