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Unlocking Efficiency: A Visual Guide to Enhancing Student Registration with WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner


Slow site performance can negatively affect search engine rankings, overall site traffic, and user experiences.

Website speed, also known as website performance, is the rate at which a browser can display fully-functional web pages from a given website.

Sites that perform poorly and load slowly in a browser can drive users away. In contrast, sites that run swiftly typically attract more visitors and have higher conversion rates.

Search Engines prioritize delivering relevant information to users as soon as possible, so site performance is a significant ranking factor. The efficacy of a website on mobile devices is crucial for SEO.

Long page load times and sluggish responses to user actions result in a negative user experience. Users become frustrated while waiting for content to appear, which may prompt them to abandon the website or application. Load testing for Ellucian could help in securing fast load website.

Keeping websites light with small file sizes and fast-loading pages has become more difficult as web technologies have expanded their capabilities and websites have grown more complex.

Developers can add more functionality than ever to webpages, including single-page applications requiring numerous JavaScript functions, pages with third-party pop-up advertisements, and homepages with moving backgrounds. As a consequence, the average total page weight is increasing.

WebLOAD and Ellucian Banner

Higher education institutions must provide rapid gratification for today’s students and meet their expectations. Ellucian Banner® is one of the world’s leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, assisting universities in streamlining student-related processes. Nevertheless, Banner® platforms may become congested during enrollment; therefore, access to an enterprise-grade load-testing solution is essential.

WebLOAD, the premier product of Radview Software, will allow colleges to manage Ellucian Banner peak registration periods efficiently through stress test registration. WebLOAD integration has benefited some of Ellucian’s most prominent clients.

For example, the Georgia Institute of Technology, has standardized its performance testing with WebLOAD. The Ellucian Banner and Research Portal systems service tens of thousands of students daily, particularly during registration. With WebLOAD, the QA team at Georgia Tech prevented delays on their programs and kept their websites online 365 days a year.

Learning about a visual guide to enhancing student registration with WebLOAD and Ellucian banners could help improve your website.

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