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Top 5 Websites for File Conversion in 2021

As technology plays a vital role in the lives of today’s humans, files and other data are no longer stored physically but are instead stored digitally. Because of this, the need for file conversion websites has skyrocketed. Users need websites that are convenient, accessible, and speedy.

Due to this increase in demand, many file conversion websites have entered the market. However, not all of these websites are efficient and user-friendly. Some websites stand above the rest, but some websites may not be as well-known as others. Hence, this article will be listing down the best websites for file conversion.


One of the best file conversion websites, GogoPDF is accessible for all browsers on any operating system. This file conversion website ensures user privacy by automatically deleting all files that have been uploaded after an hour. Not only that, but GogoPDF also offers a multitude of services, such as tools that merge PDF files and do conversions from Word to PDF.

Not only that, but GogoPDF converts files quickly and is also extremely easy to use with its intuitive user interface and concise instructions. Its speediness, privacy, and accessibility easily make it one of the best websites out there that you can use to convert your files to and from PDF.


This PDF converter is as functional as it is comfy. PDFBear offers a multitude of services for free and ensures user privacy by deleting all files that have been uploaded after an hour. Its user interface is also pleasing to the eyes and easy to understand, allowing for many people to use and understand its services.

On top of that, PDFBear also offers lots of conversion services such as PPT to PDF and Excel to PDF, making it a one-stop website for any file conversions. A wide variety of services, privacy, accessibility, and cleanliness make PDFBear a go-to website for any and all file conversions.

Free PDF Convert

Just like GogoPDF, this file conversion website is accessible for all browsers on any operating system for both computers and mobile devices. It offers a multitude of services and provides its users with a clean and tidy landing page, making converting files easier to understand and more streamlined.

Not only that, but this website has been offering PDF conversion services since 2005, making it very reliable. It also provides fast speed for the conversion of files, making it all the more convenient. These features put Free PDF Convert up there with the cream-of-the-crop websites for online file conversion.


Like the websites mentioned above, Smallpdf also offers lots of services to its users and ensures the privacy of its clients. It also provides speedy processing and a premium membership if you want to use this website for businesses and other professional endeavors. However, the user experience with the free version is still beyond satisfactory.

Smallpdf offers conversion of other file formats to PDF, editing of PDF files, conversion of PDF to different file formats, and so much more. This, grouped with speedy processing and client privacy, makes Smallpdf one of the go-to websites for online file conversion and editing of PDF files.

Online 2 PDF

Online 2 PDF offers conversion of files to PDF and the merging, editing, and unlocking of PDF files, all for the low price of free. Though its layout doesn’t look as modern as that of other PDF conversion sites, Online 2 PDF does its job excellently and is an excellent site for managing PDF files.

Additionally, this website is accessible for all browsers and has a streamlined conversion, editing, merging, and unlocking process. These features alone make it one of the best websites people can use for managing their PDF files.


In today’s digitalized world, file converters are no longer a want but a necessity. Users are on the hunt for convenient and quick online file converters, and as such, many have appeared on the market. Due to the increase in online file converters, it is crucial to narrow down the best websites you can use for file conversion.

If you or anyone you know is on the hunt for excellent online converters and file managers, consider visiting and using the websites mentioned above. These websites are sure to come in handy at the workplace, school, or home.

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