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The full page cache extension — Speed is Important

Magento full page cache module — Fast Page Loading

The Full Page Cache Extension —Magento Speed is Important

Magento 2, as you already know, is an amazing eCommerce software for increasing the productivity of your online business. And there are a great number of aspects you have to take into consideration when we talk about optimization and improvements. One of such aspects is the operational speed of your website. To increase it, Magento 2 offers various sorts of cache. For instance, it adds the page to the cache after the first visit to reduce the refreshing time to zero. However, it may be not enough because the cache can be occasionally cleared for the following reasons: changes in the content or scheduled clearing.

Slow page loading may scare customers off, which affects your sales badly. This spoils the entire browsing experience and makes visitors nervous when they have to wait until the page is loaded. Furthermore, Google has its own bot that inspects websites and ranks them, according to how well they work. And if you want to be at the top, you can install the extension by Mirasvit that automatically warms up the cache, providing you with the fastest loading speed ever. This module works with all the necessary pages and it’s also compatible with the most relevant types of cache.


The functionality of this module seems pretty understandable from the first view. But what does it hide from us? Let’s get to know more to make sure we can use the extension for 100%.

Full Automation

The extension doesn’t require any manual control. Set it up once, straight after installation, and forget about maintenance and monitoring. The cache will be restored automatically. So just lean back and enjoy!

Background Operation

The fact that the Magento full page cache module runs in the background means you are able to change any elements in your online store. It won’t make the module stop working or crash. This also makes your admin panel clearer because you won’t be bothered with various pop-up notifications or something like this.

The Test Page

To avoid potential issues and make sure everything works fine, just use the test page that always tells you the status of the cache. You don’t need to do anything because this page has an auto-refreshing function, which allows you to feel free and helps you avoid slowdowns and lags. Sometimes, certain applications, such as Varnish, may affect the operation of the module.

Precise Control

Not all the pages require warming up. There are some pages on each site that are not this important for customers. For example, the page with various normative documents or the FAQ page. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide which pages you want to warm up. That’s why you can create a list of selected candidates! Create a CSV file where all the most crucial pages are specified, set the rules, and use the extension’s flexibility to make your website run fast and smooth.

Presets for Better Convenience

Servers have different capabilities, so you may need different settings, depending on your situation. To facilitate the use of the extension and save you even more time, this module offers 3 cache warming templates to choose from: high, medium (recommended for the majority of stores), and soft (recommended for stores with a high load rate).

Performance Optimization

What is really great is that you are not limited by preset templates and settings — you can adjust any settings as you want. With the help of this extension, you are free to configure the number of threads, the maximum run time, and the pace at which Cron jobs are executed.

Average System Load Monitoring

Monitor the average load of the system to distinguish where the pitfalls are. Use the special graph where you can see when problems occur. If it’s connected with loading periods, you better turn off the cache warming until the server is capable of performing properly with enough power. Set the threshold to automate the process and optimize the loading speed of your pages.

Control What User-Agents Trigger Caching

Don’t overload your server by allowing crawler robots to start the re-caching every time. Exclude user-agents in the Settings to achieve the best productivity.

Warming Rules

Every page, as you might know, has its own attributes: page URL, customer group, product type, and so on. According to them, you are able to tweak the rule of cache warming. This allows you to make sure that the most important pages are always warmed up and ready to be loaded fast. You may also modify the HTTP headers of the request for any cache warming rule.

No Limits

With the help of this extension, you can make any page you want cacheable. Unlike the standard Magento Edition, this module does not skip pages. Just choose what you need to be cached and forget about boundaries you might have had before.

Support for Complex Pages

If you have a complex, weighty page in your online store, you may want to be able to configure which parts of this page should be cached. The extension we are overviewing today allows you to do so. Just choose the most essential part of your complex page to cash with the help of the Hole Punch feature.

No interfering

The Cache Warmer for Magento will never get you disappointed by a sudden crash. Even when you create a new page element or edit an old one, the module automatically caches the new version once you have done so. Moreover, this function doesn’t require additional configuration, so you can enjoy it right after installation.

No Multiple Cache Files

It happens that different visitors from different Store Views trigger the creation of a duplicated cache, which leads to the loss of disk space. To avoid situations like this, set up the Cache Warmer, and all new visitors will be served with the same cache.

Full Control Over Cached Pages

Knowing how things go is essential to us because we want to make sure all is safe and analyze our future actions, according to the received information. For this purpose, you can view details of any cached page, such as its type or what warming rules are applied to it, or the exact time and date of creation/update/caching. What’s more important is that you can see what has triggered the re-caching. Plus, you can remove pages from the warming list or clean their cache.

Cache Flushing

This function is also necessary, and Magento offers its customers sbobet such functionality. The point is that the cache cannot be cleaned too often. If you want to keep your server working well, use the Fill Rate graph and track cleaning processes.

Debugging tools will help you find out the reasons for frequent flushing or any other issues. If it’s not possible to reduce the frequency or you don’t need cache flushing at all, you can just forbid it in the Cache Warmer settings.

Debugging Tools

Something goes wrong? Don’t panic because debugging tools will help with the problems. As we told you earlier, you can track the cache status using the test page and you can also make this info visible to certain IP addresses only.

Tracking Caching Efficiency

View the reports to see if caching is doing well and performs at its best. Here you can see data regarding all the pages — cached and not cached. Get to know about the response time and other nuances whenever you want in the most convenient format: a graph to take a quick view or a detailed table. You can also export reports if necessary.

Priority Management

This extension allows you to set the priority for the most important pages, according to various parameters, to automatically provide customers with the fastest loading speed and the best browsing experience. Meanwhile, you can just watch and enjoy. For example, you can set the priorities, according to the number of visits, page/ product type, and so on.

Command Line

Sometimes, the frontend interface is not enough, and we need to use the command line. In this case, you will be glad to know that the command line supports a massive number of commands and it’s simple to use, so you can do whatever you want.


It needs to be mentioned that a lot of people do not pay enough attention to details. That’s why they don’t achieve what they really want. Meanwhile, the loading speed of your pages is quite important, which is proven by many scientists. You can find a lot of articles like this on the internet that tell you about the significant role of speed optimization. With the help of the Magento full page cache extension created by Mirasvit, you can take such important details into consideration without great input. A fully automatic, simple-to-use module that makes your pages load much faster will satisfy anyone and will let you succeed at ease.

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