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The Best Social Media Management Tips During this Pandemic

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Social media is still the best marketing tool no matter how big or small an organization is. However, during these pandemic times, it can be quite overwhelming to post something because of various information being shared over the internet. Every company is trying to give and share supportive messages in light of the challenge that the entire world is facing now.

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things – almost everything. However, as a company, you have to connect to customers to survive. Due to recent events, social media is a good avenue to do this but the regular social media strategy that your business has been using may no longer be applicable.

Social Media in Pandemic Times

During these times, brands must connect with their loyal customers and use it to get the proper message across.

Be heard

Life must go on and people might need to shop again and buy things. As a brand, you have to make sure to check in with your clients and give them an update. Sometimes, during these unusual times, hearing something close to normal or what you have gotten used to is comforting. Many consumers will still like to hear from their favorite brands.

Adjust message according to the times

Relate to the entire community and show them that your company is also taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Maintain active communication but it should be more on a personal level to foster a sense of trust. You can say that the store is open but you are practicing social distancing. This shows that you are also affected by what is happening and that you are in solidarity to combat the spread.


Companies or retail brands must push their e-commerce instead of letting people visit their stores. This can be announced on social media and include options for local shipping and online promotions.

If you are in the food industry, the best way is to promote take-out and delivery.

Effective social media management

There must be proper planning and monitoring on the posting of messages. You can understand your key audience by carefully looking at social media comments and posts. By having a dedicated team to monitor social media conversation, you can respond better to your audience. Review your social media content if they are still in line with the current times. Make sure that your tone is not opportunistic or insensitive.

All these are better done with a reliable social media management company. While these are unusual times, a good and reliable social media agency can help your business survive by utilizing the best of what social media has to offer.

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