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Reasons To Kick-Start Node JS Centric Product Development With Full-Swing

Reasons To Kick-Start Node JS Centric Product Development With Full-Swing

Node js has become the top developer choice for the development of web applications. The features Node offers to developers make it an excellent alternative for cross-platform dev by a two-way client-server channel for communication.

Node’s superiority over other dev choices is the main reason why node js developers for hire are at its pick right now. Namely, with 6.3 million sites running on Node, being used by large businesses like LinkedIn, Netflix, Amazon, and PayPal is proof enough that Node enjoys great popularity in the US alone.

Moreover, 85 percent of all developers that use Node use it for web application dev. One of the reasons why Node js is so popular among web application developers is because it reduces dev costs up to 58%.

Down the course of this article, we’ll go over every advantage Node js offers and more on the internal workings, including package management, APIs, and others.


Google’s V8 engine powers node js, which is precisely why Node js offers such increased speeds. Allowing the JS code to be converted directly to machine code contributes to dev time savings on program execution levels.

Furthermore, web applications developed with Node can handle a significantly greater number of parallel connections. Web applications developed with Node are so much faster than the ones developed with other technologies that after PayPal switched to Node js, they were able to reduce the application response time by 35% in total.

Thanks to that upgrade and such an abnormal increase in in-app productivity, Paypal was now able to process double of the user requests it usually did.

Cost Savings

Node js dev costs are by far the smallest compared with any other tech out there. Moreover, Node’s memory footprint is much smaller compared to the one Java servers of PHP have.

If you built a server with Node js, it would run on an event-driven loop that will be a massive part of the RAM and proportionately the hardware and software resources available to use.

Advanced Caching Ability

The reason why Node js is a great asset for any developer is because it allows caching, which will make any website faster because it cuts the site’s loading time and will ultimately elevate the user experience.

Real-Time Development

Node js developers can use the technology to maximize their real-time web application speed using the asynchronous operation to optimize the CPU and memory coordination.

Real-time application development is different because the developer uses event-driven programming and communication with a non-blocking server to deliver the user an app that provides a dynamic and spontaneous engagement.


Using microservices that divide the application into smaller processes, Node successfully allocates these processes in parallel or multiple teams and synchronizes the developing process with the possibly rising user requests.

That’s why Node js has faster background processes that later translate to low-lag or no-lag operations, leading to increased user traffic.

Data Streaming

Usually, people put the whole process of product development as something pretty simple, when in reality, it’s not that simple.

For example, I/O handling is essential for software engineering, and some frameworks tend to classify the HTTP requests as whole data making it even trickier for the developer to integrate the I/O handling.

That’s where Node js simplifies things, supporting I/O bound apps. So, the catch is that the user can transcode a multimedia file as it’s been uploaded on the server.

Well-rounded Community

Node has been voted as the number one in the tech category for two years now on the annual StackOverflow survey. So if that doesn’t say how popular this tech is in the dev community, we wouldn’t really know what does. Furthermore, why Node js is so popular definitely has something to do with the fact there are constant updates and tons of ready-to-use plugins and code bytes accessible to the developer community on GitHub.

Technical Support

The developers of Node js actually offer long-term support, which is another reason why Node js is more frequently chosen compared to some other technologies that deal with the same problem domain.

Moreover, the original Node js code has regular maintenance scheduled every 18 months ever since it was released. This period is used to fix bugs and collect user info and feedback for future releases rather than continue adding new features.

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