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How to Achieve Green Technology Living? Essentials of Environmental Protection

How to Achieve Green Technology Living? Essentials of Environmental Protection

With the rapid development of today’s society, science, and technology are more and more developed, and people’s living conditions are getting better and better, but behind the happy life, environmental problems are still serious, some people ask: in daily life, how can we achieve energy saving and environmental protection? How to achieve green technology life? The so-called green lifestyle means advocating the concept of green life, using green products, participating in green voluntary services, accumulating green life culture, making green consumption, green travel, green residence, and green civilization become the conscious actions of the general public so that people can fully enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by green development, while actively fulfilling the historical responsibility of sustainable development. To achieve a natural, environmentally friendly, frugal, and healthy way of life, we should combine green style with newly developed technology. In this blog, we’ll discuss the choices and essentials of green-style life.

The Choices and Essentials of Green-style Life

Green Diet

A green diet includes green foods and healthy eating habits. Green agricultural products refer to the production of safe, high-quality, and nutritious agricultural products that follow the principles of sustainable development and are produced in accordance with specific production modes identified by specialized agencies and licensed to use green food marks without pollution.

Green Traffic

Go out to take the bus, take the subway, ride a bicycle, or walk, these are green transportation, but green transportation is not only green travel but also the use of specific technical standards produced in the development process usually less pollution, health, and safety of the ecological environment less damage to the automobile products, such as electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc.

Green Technology

Strengthening green technology innovation can stimulate cohesion for green development. The harmonious coexistence of man and nature is the core value pursuit of green technology innovation, which will guide producers to attach importance to the law of ecological development, abandon the goal orientation of pursuing short-term profit maximization, and gradually establish corresponding social-ecological responsibilities to respond to people’s pursuit of a better life. In Shenzhen, China, on April 21, 2023, Honor released an ESG report (full name: Environmental, Social and Responsible Governance 2021-2022) at the ESG Sustainability Forum since the establishment of the company, promising to achieve carbon neutrality in the company’s operations by 2045, and developed a clear road map: To achieve carbon peak by 2030, and strive to encourage TOP100 suppliers to set emission reduction targets and carry out carbon reduction actions; As a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, the realization of people’s green technology life is the imperative way to Honor. The newly released honor 90 5g has fit the way of green-style technology life with eight highlights: eye-care screen, high energy density battery, more than 12GB Storage, and the like, which adopted the ideologies and materials of environmentally friendly.


Old clothes and shoes that are no longer worn can be recycled rather than thrown directly into the trash. According to a report published by MIT News, more than 1 billion tons of used clothes are dumped into landfills worldwide each year, producing 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, second only to the oil industry. If these old clothes are environmentally friendly, they can not only avoid wasting resources but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Consumption Concept

Green consumption, to be specific, has three meanings: First, the choice of green products that are not polluted or contribute to public health when advocating consumption. The second is to change the consumption concept of consumers, advocating nature, and the pursuit of health, while pursuing a comfortable life, paying attention to environmental protection, saving resources and energy, and achieving sustainable consumption. Third, pay attention to the disposal of garbage in the process of consumption, and not cause environmental pollution. Conforms to the “three E’s” and “three R’s”, ECONOMIC, ECOLOGICAL, EQUITABLE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.


Green life is the way of the future, and science and technology are the foundation of future sustainable development. Green technology life can achieve the healthy development of human beings, as well as the harmonious development of nature. We can start from our daily life and realize the unity of science and technology and environmental awareness. Thanks for reading!

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