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History of Advertising

History of Advertising

Advertising gets defined as the process of creating messages to lure a person in taking action. An advertisement gets considered a success when it influences people. The advantages that advertisements have include: harnessing the focus of the viewer, breaking the flow of the day, and getting into the attention of the reader or viewer. Advertising tends to:

There are many platforms to advertise, like radio, tv, branded t-shirts, social media, or billboards.

The History of Advertising

It is said to be the oldest form of business, together with trade and currency. The equation of advertising is simple. Once a product gets seen by the masses, its demand shoots up. Here are the past five centuries of advertising that have seen and made incredible changes in the craft according to this website:

1472: the first advertisement poster shows up at the entrance of a religious place

1650: an advertisement screaming for stolen horses to get found shows up

1880: a new product and service of the postcard comes to life

1902: the first brand to put up an advert to make awareness of the airship flights goes up

1922: radio advertisement walks in the market

1975: recording of shows commences, and the VCR gets invented, and ads show up

1990: Personal computers wooed many people, and it soon became popular that almost every home has one in the United States

1995: the first search engines in the market show up

2005: the year that YouTube and Facebook got birthed.

2020: there has been substantial growth in marketing ion social platforms because of the increase in mobile phones

We can see well that the field of advertising keeps changing immensely.

Advertising Methods


The ads on the radio get made in such a way that they come in between music and the programs. They get voiced by a voiceover artist. The tool is efficient for reaching out to the locals.

TV Commercials

The ads on TV are made short. Companies that see potential viewers in a given program reaches out to the channel and buy airtime. The ads get viewed by millions of people, and it gets hard to target an audience. It is because people will skip at any given time.

Print Advertising

Advertising in print has the ink put on posters, magazines, and newspaper bulletins. The field of print advertising has seen some tides over the many decades since the digital advertising goit introduced.


It is selling products and services through print, though this gets done on a larger scale. There is a difference between the size, cost, design, and placement of the ad. It is with the distinct ads of print. They incorporate using of few words to have the message decoded by the reader fast when they are on trains or buses.

Practices of Advertising

There are several tricks that advertisers use to get their information or message across to the consumers. The techniques help one’s brand known and remain lingering in the minds of the consumers. The best practices include: appealing to the emotions of the viewers or readers, creating an association with them to get together, and lastly, to have your thinking on the benefits.

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