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Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is the New Amsterdam. There are an estimated 420 clubs and coffee shops in the city where you can legally purchase marijuana, cannabis, or weed. These clubs are called asociaciones cannábicas or clubes cannábicos in the city.

Cannabis tourism is growing in the Catalonia region of Spain, especially Barcelona as many tourists come to the city only for the weed. Of course, it is popular with many of the locals as well. Most of these cannabis clubs in Barcelona are in the Ciutat Vella district.

Technically, cannabis is still illegal in Barcelona. This means you cannot sell or traffic the substance. It is not viewed as a crime, just a “civil fault”. You can, however, be fined if you are seen displaying or smoking it in public, especially more than two grams. You may even have to spend time in jail if the authorities see you buying, facilitating, or sharing cannabis with a family member, friend, or someone else. They can charge you for being a “drug dealer”. You may have to spend up to 4 years in jail if the third party is below the age of 18 years.

However, you can acquire, possess, and consume cannabis in the privacy of your home or in a café or social club as it has been decriminalized. You can even grow a limited quantity at home.

Consuming Cannabis in a Club

You have to first join a cannabis club to legally take it. These clubs are essentially for Private Members Only. Luckily, there are many of these clubs in the city. Always remember, you need to be a member to enter the club. To become a member of the club, you need to get an invitation Here .

Select a day and time once you are a member of the club. You will get a private email with your membership QR Code. Show your identification and this code at the club and you will be allowed admission. You will be registered in their system.


Here are the criteria to become a member of a club in Barcelona –

● You must be 18 years of age minimum
● You must agree to consume marijuana responsibly
● You must show consent for becoming a member by replying to an invitation email
● You have to pay a membership fee. The fee is different for each club.
● When you pay the fee, you will have access to the club for a year
● The fee is payable just for the entrance, even if you don’t smoke
● It is essential to show legal ID proof, such as your driving license, passport, identity card, or something relevant
● You have to show the membership QR Code at the club gate

You have legal protection if you consume within the club and follow all their rules and regulations. You risk a hefty fine and even jail if you break the club or the city authority’s rules.

Best Clubs for Cannabis in Barcelona

The city has a rich cannabis culture, so there are many clubs. However, it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to decide which club to join. Remember, every club you find is not that great.

Here are some good clubs you can consider joining –

Legal Weed Barcelona

It is close to Park Central del Poblenou and the Urquinaona metro station. You will get high-quality marijuana strains here. The weed quality is exceptional. The club also has its medical marijuana program, which is rare, even for a city like Barcelona. So, if you approach the doctor, you can even get the medicinal strain at a reduced price.

Circulo Barcelona

This club is also easy to find. It is on the premises of La Mesa, a club that was shut down sometime back. Circulo also plays excellent music. You will find DJs playing techno, reggae, and other genres of music. While many of the city’s cannabis clubs are located underground, this one is just the opposite. It has big windows that open to a coffee shop.

Born Marijuana

It is in the heart of the city’s Old Town. You will always find a crowd here, thanks to the friendly ambiance and the quality of cannabis. The interior looks like a restaurant or lounge. You will settle down and feel cozy quickly. Many like to come here even for celebrating their birthday or simply to relax. Born Marijuana is wheelchair and dog-friendly.

Sant Antoni Weed Club

It is only a 5-minute walk from Plaza España. Sant Antoni is popular both with the expats and the local Catalans. You can watch sports on the big screen, play billiards, drink beer, and enjoy the PlayStation. The interiors are in Scandinavian style with wooden countertops, spacious sofas, and black metal structures. You will often see freelancers working with their laptops in the Chill Out zone.

The cannabis selection is rich. You can select from 15 types of buds, 10 types of hashish, and different concentrates of cannabis. You will find both exotic and classic products here.

Dragon Cannabis Club

Dragon is a small club, open between 11 in the morning and 11 in the night. It is a clean venue with a simple design. Very friendly ambiance. It is just a 4-minute walk away from the Girona metro station. The club is very popular with younger people. Music creates a very good vibe here.

G13 Barcelona

Only 4 minutes from Tetuan metro station, this club is very close to the famous Sagrada Familia. The location is very convenient if you are a tourist visiting Barcelona. So you will find a lot of tourists here and also many locals. The cannabis strain range at G13 is very impressive. The management team is obviously very passionate about weed. It has a unique Bedouin-like décor, which makes the club stand out.

Sticky Born

This club is located in the city’s Ciutat Vella district. Also called El Born, it is one of the most relaxed and trendiest clubs in Barcelona. There are many clubs in this district. But rarely will you find one that offers so many marijuana strains. Naturally, it has become very popular. There are many tourist attractions nearby, which is why Sticky Born is also popular with those visiting the city.

HQ Barcelona

HQ has for long been a cannabis leader in Barcelona. It is a large venue that also hosts many international events. The club has a stylish interior, nice furniture, and greenery. Their lighting system is unique because it imitates daylight. Objects of art are scattered throughout. HQ has its own branded products, including coasters and ashtrays. Messi owns a restaurant very close to this club.

Join a cannabis club as an adult in Barcelona to experience the city’s cannabis culture. You will find some of the best products anywhere in the world. Get your invitation from a club.

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